This Commission is an independent body responsible for policy making compilation and adoption of regulations in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Supervision over good performance of the rules and regulations and protection of the subscribers and users' rights on the basis of pivotal principles (i.e. observing justice, fairness, morality, frankness and transparency) and creating a healthy competitive environment are among the other duties of the Commission.

In accordance with the Law on Duties and Powers of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the responsibilities of the Commission are as follows:

a) To reform and re-structure the communications sectors of the country;

b) To adopt criteria and rules relevant to operation licensing for making network and providing information and communications technology services in the realm of non-backbone networks;

c) To make rating policy and adoption of tariff and rate for offering services in the information and communications technology sector and approval of tables and rates of all communications services;

d) Compilation of the country communication rules and controlling its good performance;

e) Making policy for radio frequency licensing and setting and collection licensing royalty.

Composition of the Commission

According to the provision of the article 6 of the Law on Duties and Powers of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology and Deputy Minister and President of Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) are respectively Chairman and Secretary of the Commission.

Representatives from the Management and Planning Organization, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and also 4 professional experts in the field of economic, information and communication technology and postal affairs are among the other members of the Commission which are assigned to these positions for 4 years.

The secretariat of the Commission in the CRA is responsible for notifying the approvals, the meeting's agenda-setting, communicating with organizations, institutions and entities, formation of expertise working groups  and inviting  the others to be present at the meetings of the Commission. The CRA as the executive arm of the Commission is also responsible for overseeing the correct implementation of the approvals and providing feedback report to be submitted to the Commission.

According to the CRA's approach that guarantees transparency, fairness, logic and the rights of subscribers, the proposals are studied and surveyed professionally.

In the special working groups called the expert sub-committees, before examination in the Commission. In these working groups, relevant experts and representatives of various entities and businesses active in the field of ICT are present.



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