8- Performing all related affaires required for accomplishment of the CRA duties and powers within the framework of the rules and regulation.
9- Offering proposals on financial, transactional and recruiting regulations of the CRA procedure to the MICT to be approved by the competent authorities.
Note: president of the CRA is entitled to entrust parts of his liabilities to any of his Vice-Presidents, directors or staff, at his own discretion and responsibility.
Article 9- All properties of the Directorate General of Radiocommunications and Department of Deputy Minister for Telecommunications Affairs, would be transferred to the CRA and are considered as its asset.
Article 10- This Article of Association succeeds the decree No. H31594T/36986 dated 20-09-1384 (11 Dec. 2005) and contradictory rules and directives are abrogated.
This Article of Association has been approved by the Guardians council according to letters No.87/30/28385 dated 03-06-1387(25 Aug. 2008) and 88/30/36922 dated 8-10-1388(29 Dec. 2009).

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