The Council of Ministers in its sessions dated 26-03-1387 (16 June 2008) and 22-9-1388 (13 Dec. 2009) ratified the Articles of Association of the Communications Regulatory Authority, upon the proposal No. 1/28822 dated 21-08-1386 (12 Nov. 2007), and by virtue of note 3 of Article 7 of MICT’s Duties and Powers Act passed in the year 1382 (2003), as follows:
Article 1- In order to implement the approvals of the Communications Regulatory Commission, hereinafter called “Commission” in this Article of Association, and to achieve the objective set in the radio communications sector and perform sovereignty, supervisory and executive duties and powers of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) in the field of radio communications and communications regulations, the subject of note 2 of Article 7 of the law of duties and power of the MICT, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) hereinafter in this Article of Association, called ”CRA” is established as a state organization affiliated to the MICT.
Article 2- the CRA enjoys juridical personality and financial independence.
Article 3- the budget required for the CRA is annually predicted and provided through the public credits and funds, out of the Ministry of ICT’s budget, as a part of national annual budget bill.
Article 4- The CRA headquarters is in Tehran and it is entitled to establish regional offices in different part of the country, by the approval of the Vice – Presidency for Management and Human Resources Development Affairs, for performing its legal duties.
Article 5- The CRA organizational chart is provided and takes effect upon the proposal of the Minister of ICT and approval of the Vice-Presidency for Management and Human Resources Development Affairs.
Article 6- Duties and powers of the CRA are as Follows:
1- Issuance of operating license in order to provide any kind of telecommunications, postal and information technology services including condition, criteria and procedure of indemnification of losses incurred, by non-performance of them within the framework of the Commission's approvals.
2- Codification national standard related to communications and information technology and proposing them to competent authority and applying standards, criteria and quality control systems and equipment type approval in service provision, and development and operation of telecommunications, postal and information technology networks, nationwide.
3- Codification and offering proposal regarding unauthorized telecommunication, postal and information technology operations, fixing and exercising penalty in each particular case, within the framework of laws and regulations; when legal process is undergone.
4- Codification of regulations, rules, table of tariff and rates of all services in communications and information technology sector and determination of price cap and floor in order to ensure a sound competition, continuations of service and their qualitative improvement for approval of the Commission within the framework of laws and regulations.
5- Collection of license issuance royalties, frequency utilization fees, indemnification charge and all other funds which are approved according to the related laws and regulations and theirs liquidation to the treasury accounts.
6- Supervision over the performance of licensees within the framework of issued licenses as well as investigation of violations and compelling the licensees to make their commitment and duties by giving notice and temporary or permanent abrogation of privileges and operating licenses.
7- Codification and proposing directives and criteria for interconnection among computer and telecommunications networks from security and connection safety point of view and also their tariff to the Commission and supervising over their correct application.
8- Regulating, national frequency management and monitoring and codification of the regulations and approving criteria and table and parameters for optimum utilization of frequency spectrum and governance over spectrum and national frequency table in the framework of the law of duties and power of the MCIT – approved in 1382 (2003) and other related rules and regulations.

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