• Representation, membership and attendance in relevant international and regional communities and unions in order to protect national interests within the framework of the general policies of the government as well as observance of the relevant laws and regulations;
  • Interaction, exchange of information and coordination with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and other international and regional communicational organizations as well as other countries in order to restore and protect the Communication/ Radiocommunications rights of Iran;
  • Investigation of the issues raised in the international meetings and conferences held by the ITU, APT and other international and regional communication and regulatory organizations; And gathering and integrating the viewpoints of other internal organizations and institutes in order to prepare contributions from  Islamic Republic of Iran to  be sent  to relevant conferences;
  • Formation and leadership of the CRA required study groups; And harmonization of the study groups' activities done by both different parts within Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) as well as other relevant organizations;
  • Holding Seminars, workshops, training courses and meetings in collaboration with ITU, APT and other relevant international organizations;
  • Frequency coordination and international registration of radio frequencies in order to protect radio rights of the Country; And doing necessary coordination in respect of Satellite Orbital Positions;
  • Pursuing the fulfillment of international obligations upon Iran as well as ensuring the fulfillment of the mutual obligations upon other countries toward Iran in terms of regulatory matters.
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