Enhancing I. R. of Iran regulatory ranking and overall score in 2018

Wednesday 8/14/2019

Dr. Sayyid Babak Ebrahimi, Deputy President of Strategy and Market Development at the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), announced that in accordance with the latest ranking by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), I. R. of Iran ranked 87th with overall score of 75 in 2017 and 77th with overall score of 82 (3rd generation regulator) in 2018, respectively. In comparison to last year, it has grown 5 overall scores and 12 ranks. He also expressed that by carrying out close cooperation with international specialized organizations and implementing a comprehensive set of appropriate plans to enhance country's regulatory status and gain at least overall score of 85 in the coming years and consequently, I. R. of Iran will achieve fourth-generation of regulatory.
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