Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) was established in 2003 by virtue of article 7 of Law of Scope of Duties and Powers of Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, by combination of Deputy minister for Telecommunication Affairs Department and Directorate General of Telecommunications.

The aim of establishing of CRA was to execute governmental powers as well as supervision and executive powers of T
he Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in the sector of Radio and Communication Regulatory so that as a supervisory foundation, it could pave the grounds for competitive market of telecommunication and increment, promotion and optimization of service quality. 

Sadegh Abbasi Shahkouh was appointed as the president of CRA on a decree signed by the Minister of ICT
Sadegh Abbasi Shahkouh holds PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom and a Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. Some of his significant backgrounds and responsibilities in more than 28 years of activity in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology are as follows: "Managing Director of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company", "Deputy President of CRA for Technical Investigations and Licensing", " Deputy President of CRA for Technical and International Affairs", "Head of Post and Telecommunications Scientific-Applied Faculty" and "Head of the Research Institute for Information and Communication Technology”.

Monday 11/22/2021

Measures by I.R. of Iran to Prevent and Mitigate the Outbreak of COVID-19
In order to meet its responsibilities in dealing with the enormous socio-economic disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry has risen to the challenge by adopting policies, taking immediate steps and implementing effective measures to provide the people as well as public and private entities and institutions with ICT-centric tools, applications and services with a view to maintain safe distance between individuals in the society and avoid unnecessary physical presence. In doing so, the Ministry's policies, guidelines, and directives on the enhanced use of cyberspace were implemented by its affiliated entities and agencies including Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Telecommunications Infrastructure Company (TIC), Information Technology Organization (ITO), and Postal Company as well as fixed and mobile service providers and network operators. In what follows, specific actions that have already been implemented and are currently in force are listed.

Tuesday 5/19/2020

Enhancing I. R. of Iran regulatory ranking and overall score in 2018
Dr. Sayyid Babak Ebrahimi, Deputy President of Strategy and Market Development at the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), announced that in accordance with the latest ranking by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), I. R. of Iran ranked 87th with overall score of 75 in 2017 and 77th with overall score of 82 (3rd generation regulator) in 2018, respectively. In comparison to last year, it has grown 5 overall scores and 12 ranks. He also expressed that by carrying out close cooperation with international specialized organizations and implementing a comprehensive set of appropriate plans to enhance country's regulatory status and gain at least overall score of 85 in the coming years and consequently, I. R. of Iran will achieve fourth-generation of regulatory.

Wednesday 8/14/2019

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